Blue Angel Studio

We are a mobile digital studio doing field recording for video productions and location recording for artists and bands. We have 20 inputs into Pro Tools using a Digidesign 003 interface with United Audio and Presonus preamps.


We have a well rounded selection of microphones including tube mics, ribbon mics, dynamics and condensers.


We also have studio grade guitar and bass amps available.


Rusty Richards is our engineer. He has been recording music for 30 years, has worked with world class artists in Los Angeles and Nashville and has several Grammy nominations and Billboard #1 hits to his credit.

We are also skilled in sound design, having created numerous soundtracks for film and video as well as professional live theatre. With an extensive library of sound effects available, we feel confident we can supply the ambiance your project demands.


In addition to sound design, we are also straight ahead music composers and songwriters. Our studio has a great selection of synths and samplers, all in-the-box of course. We also use real guitars, bass and assorted acoustic instruments, either on their own or to supplement our digital creations.


Whether you need our talents as engineers, musicians, composers or sound designers, we can offer you creative ideas skillfully implemented. Let us know how we can help you.

Here are several artists we have recorded at Blue Angel Studio.

"Winter Stoltzfus" by Jeff Raught

"One Eye Open" by Cheri Showalter

"Emmaus Road" by Rusty Richards